We Have Given Away Our Remote Control to Everyone and Everything

The world in our century is complex. Everyone has their cradles of smart devices, apps collections, and social media profiles. The human brains flourishing in an over-connected world, nurturing within the sea of apps — always on, always interacting with the screens.

We sleep with our devices, we check them as soon as we wake up. Our smartphones come with us on our breakfast, lunch breaks, to the dinner table. The endless supply of new content appears on our screens every minute.

Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Whatever-news… every tech giant racing for our attention. Everyone wants to maximize how much time we spend with their apps, products, and services.

Either intentionally or unintentionally, we allow any notification from these apps gets our attention. We allow any social media post to make us feel inferior or bad. We allow any random article(like this one) to define our beliefs, our feelings, our plans. We allow any random comment to manipulate our thoughts and perceptions. We allow all these internet noises to control our emotions, orchestrate our lives.

Clearly, we have given away remote control of our minds to everything that appears on our screens. These internet noises blow or break our minds on a regular basis. And, we usually agree with anything we see on our screens. Agree or not, we’re becoming puppets of these apps, our mind strings are being pulled by the content streaming on our feeds.

Either we like the content or dislike the content. When something we like doesn’t happen, we become miserable. When something we dislike happens, we become miserable. We set up a principle of “liking and disliking” in our mental outlook, which begets in us a habit of securing all our beliefs by fortifying them.

After all, all these sensations that occur in our mind from these internet noises are impermanent i.e. after they have arisen they will pass away too. So, why become attached to these impermanent sensations, or why have an aversion toward these sensations?

Why allow these noises to influence our thoughts? Why allow them to define our beliefs, our feelings, our plans? Why give away our remote control to everyone and everything?



A terribly slow writer.

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