How we increased signup rate 6x times

Launching the first mini game for India’s most loved fashion site.

Why Gamification?

To build a new world of fun and games for our consumers, increase new signups, engage users, and grow business exponentially.

What is CTP?

A game where you need to invite your friends and family, to help you win a free product from LimeRoad app.

Why start with CTP?

Low effort, High impact.
With CTP we pictured low effort in building the bare-minimum concept compare to the other ideas we have in our documents, and the high impact considering the insights we’ve about consumers in Indian space.

Game challenges & rewards


  1. Select a product from Free products listing page and make your first cut.
  2. Share with your friends and family for more cuts.
  3. Each time a friend volunteers to help you cut, you will get 4–5% cut on product value.
  4. Rush through the cutting in 24 hours or miss the opportunity.


Once you managed to cut down the price of product to zero we will ship the product for Free.

Our approach

We kicked off the CTP in August 2018, aiming for baseline requirements for our first release, and an extremely tight scope on user challenges and rewards.

CTP Interface

Key areas we focused on

  1. Strict timeframe, to help us quickly figure out if we’re onto a good idea or not. The only way to figure that out is by shipping it to our users and seeing what feedback we got. We managed to ship the bare minimum and viable of the game in just 3 weeks of time for our M-Site users.
  2. No-brainer UX, we tried to keep the whole thing as simple as possible.
  3. Ship bare minimum (but Top-Notch), it was very important for us to stick to bare minimum to validate the idea fast but overall nicely done.
  4. User testing, ask for feedback as early on as possible. So we keep improving what we’re trying to build.


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