Sargam Design Methodology

Sargam focuses on the unseen design system problems:

  1. Consistency taking over craftsmanship.
  2. Inauthentic, strategic constraints.
  3. Dying simplicity and clarity.
  4. Busy, monotonous, gatekeeping work.

Three distinct levels of Sargam design

  1. Principles
  2. Compositions
  3. Inventory

Level 1: Principles

  1. Colour spectrum (Swaras in ICM)
  2. Sequential schemes (Shruti)
  3. Typography (Alankaar)
  4. Spacings & paddings (Taal)
  5. Layouts (Dhrupad)

Level 2: Compositions

  1. Components (Raga in ICM)
  2. Features/User stories/JTBD (Ghazals)
  3. Apps (Gharana)

Level 3: Inventory

  1. Design tokens & translation workflow
  2. Kick-off templates: Insight framework, How we work, Get started building, Personas, UAT checklist
  3. Developers Hand-Off Guide

Sargam UI



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